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Add A Title. You Can Do This!

The site said as the page loaded.

So someone sent a message on the blog a couple of days ago, no name, just a username.

Subject: Static

Message: Asynchronous

Thank you, that was so kind of you to take the time to go through my posts and send me such a simple message. I wish you could have gone further into why you feel like that, but hey, you are entitled to your own opinion.

Did it bother me? For a few days, yeah. My perfectionist side, the part of me that wants to make everybody happy wanted to know why he/she sent me that. But I decided to reply with the following:

Ramblings (wink emoji)

Well, the category of the post does say "Ramblings", just like the way my friends and I be when we hang out. We ramble about things, went on and on without any particular subject. But that's how we enjoy our moments together, talk, casually, about nothing and everything.

That's how I intend this blog to be, me rambling on while you, to me are like my 'friends' sitting across me on the table, wine in hand, listening, sometimes telling me your own experiences. And we ramble on until we're slightly intoxicated and the conversation became more interesting.

So yeah, I took a couple of days to recharge, talk to my friends, tend to my mother - who's living with me, did some work and this morning decided to try and write again.

If my posts are static and asynchronous, that is okay, we are continuously learning, and we grow from criticisms. I am very grateful that someone did exactly that, criticise my posts, it means that person went through each post and 'rate' them as such.

Maybe I should change the title of the blog into Asynchronous Stories of Dane.

I'm going to ramble on again on several subjects, until then, stay healthy, stay happy, keep taking care of yourself with joy and most of all, stay safe.

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